Naval Hospital Beaufort is experiencing widespread phone and voicemail outages. While we work to resolve these issues,
please use 843-228-5975 to make appointments, for COVID testing, or for screening questions.

The Immunizations Clinic is a walk-in clinic located on the 2nd floor of NHB and hours of operation are 0730-1130 and 1300-1500 for COVID and all other vaccinations.

Please see our Visitor and Mask policies. | NHB COVID-19 Information | CDC COVID-19 Information | TRICARE COVID Vaccine Information

Health Clinics

Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Beaufort

The Branch Health Clinic Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) conducts aviation medicine and primary care. The clinic provides care to active duty only.
Location: BHC, MCAS Bldg #598
Hours: Monday-Friday, 0730-1600
Routine Appointments: Monday-Friday 0730-1600
Phone: 843-228-7424/7599

Location: BHC, MCAS, Bldg #598
Hours: Monday-Friday 0730-1600 (No PHA’s conducted Thursday afternoons)
Phone: 843-228-7530

Offers immunizations and physical health assessment screenings.

Audiology Department

Location: BHC, MCAS Bldg #707
Hours: Monday-Friday, 0730-1600
Phone: 843-228-7015

The audiology department provides hearing examinations for active duty, retirees, and family members.

Aviation Medicine

Location: BHC, MCAS Bldg #598
Hours: Monday-Friday, 0730-1600
Phone: 843-228-7530

The Aviation Medicine department provides all flight status personnel with physical examinations as well as physical examinations for all Active Duty personnel who require any other type of physical.

Chiropractic Clinic
Hours: Mon/Wed/Fri 0730-1600
Phone: 843-228-6979

Dental Services

Hours: Monday-Friday, 0645-1545
Phone: 843-228-7512

Provides dental treatment for active duty Sailors, Marines, Army and Air Force.

Immunizations Department

Location: BHC, MCAS Bldg #598
Hours: Monday-Friday 0730-1600 (No PPD’s place on Thursdays)
Phone: 843-228-7140

The immunizations department provides immunizations for pre-deployment personnel as well as all required active duty vaccines.


Location: BHC, MCAS Bldg #598
Hours: Monday-Friday, 0730-1600
Phone: 843-228-7711

The Lab provides laboratory services to Active Duty personnel.


Location: BHC, MCAS Bldg #707
Hours: Monday-Friday, 0730-1600
Phone: 843-228-7602

Optometry provides eye care services including prescription glasses for active duty personnel.


Location: BHC, MCAS Bldg #598
Hours: Monday-Friday, 0730-1600
Refill phone: 843-228-7424
Pharmacy phone: 843-228-7655

The pharmacy can fill new prescriptions for permanent personnel only. All refills must be called in to the NHB refill line. Only active duty members are allowed to have medication refills sent to BHC MCAS for pick-up (all others must be picked up at NHB refill pharmacy).


Location: BHC, MCAS Bldg #598
Hours: Monday-Friday, 0730-1200
Phone: 843-228-7672

Radiology provides radiograph exams for Active Duty personnel.

Appointment Line       (843) 228-7424


Acute Care Clinic (843) 228-7051
Audiology Clinic (843) 228-7015
Aviation Medicine / Physicals (843) 228-7530
Chiropractic Clinic (843) 228-6979
Dental (843) 228-7512
Optometry (843) 228-7602 / 7418
Sick Call (843) 228-7591
Well Women's Clinic (843) 228-7893


Immunizations (843) 228-7982               
Industrial Hygiene (843) 228-7111
Laboratory (843) 228-7711
Medical Records (843) 228-7018
Radiology (843) 228-7672
Supply (843) 228-7545
TRICARE (check-in / check-out) (843) 228-6308
Waiting Room (843) 228-7599

Contact Us


Monday-Friday 0730-1600

Telephone Number(s)



Branch Health Clinic (BHC) Bldg #598 Marine Corps Air Station, Beaufort 29905

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